This is a past event.

Invisible Weekend [POSTPONED]

Invisible Weekend [POSTPONED]

Invisible Weekend [POSTPONED]

Event Postponed

Following the Direção-Geral da Saúde [Portuguese Public Health Authority] recommendations devised to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), and according to the contingency plan in place, Culturgest informs it will be closed from  January 15 until the end of the lockdown.

After 113 days, the Invisible Show is coming to an end. To celebrate its passage through Culturgest’s galleries, we are extending the visiting times and inviting the public to two events that mark opposite extremes of this sound experience. On Friday 15 January, the Quarteto Lopes-Graça will provide a live performance of the piece composed by Gavin Bryars, accompanied by the voice of Juan Muñoz, who will teach us techniques for cheating, as well as magic tricks, with a pack of cards. The next couple of days, over a period of four hours, pairs of men and women will come to the microphone one after another to read part of the huge succession of years that On Kawara included in the two volumes of the book One Million Years. Between that magical organisation of sounds that we refer to as music and the dispassionate vocalisation of the passage of time, this is the last opportunity to confirm the incredible capacity that sound stimuli have for making the eye turn inward, based on a vibration.

© ©Vera Marmelo.

15–17 JAN 2021

Foyer of the Galleries
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