JA.CA - Art and Tecnology Center

Francisca Caporali

The founder and artistic co-ordinator of JA.CA – Centro de Arte e Tecnologia, Francisca Caporali offers us a summary of this institution’s ten-year history, ever since the construction of its headquarters on “rented property”. Formed in 2010 as a project of international artistic residencies, three years later it became a non-profit association designed to promote and disseminate culture and art.

Located in the neighbourhood of Nova Lima, in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), its creative work revolves around two main axes: training and education in the arts through projects that presuppose residencies for artists and researchers, as well as meetings between artists, students and the surrounding community; and project management strategies based on public policies for independent artistic initiatives, which involve research into techniques for reusing materials and strengthening networks with other autonomous spaces.

20 NOV 2019
WED 18:30

Small Auditorium
Free entry*
Duration 90 min

* Subject to availability. Tickets available on the day from 9:30 at the ticket-office


Francisca Caporali 

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