SOOPA - Platform for creation

Jonathan Saldanha, Filipe Silva

Founded in 1999, in Porto, SOOPA is a multidisciplinary platform for international creation, centred around a group of artists and thinkers. It is a laboratory of music, visual and performing arts, whose activities include the production and launch of music and publications, the promotion of concerts and conferences and the creation of theatre plays and films, in a multifaceted process of continuous research. 

At this meeting, it will be opening up its archive of videos, photographs, sounds and texts to tell the story of its 15 years of programming and regular creation in the city of Porto, in a work that has spread beyond its original territory.

19 NOV 2019
TUE 18:30

Small Auditorium
Free entry
Duration 90 min

* Subject to availability. Tickets available on the day from 9:30 at the ticket-office

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