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João Onofre

João Onofre

Once in a lifetime [repeat]

João Onofre

Once in a lifetime [repeat]

Curated by: Delfim Sardo

© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.

João Onofre (Lisbon, 1976) mostly known for his video artwork has nonetheless turned to many other art forms, such as, drawing, sculpture, photography, performance and sound works. The exhibition Once in a Lifetime [Repeat] goes through different aspects of his work focusing on the last 20 years and adds Untitled (zoetrope), a new work specifically designed for this occasion.

The exhibition is also inhabited by the presence of pop music as the carrier of a generational existentialism which is, paradoxically, so universal that can be subjectively and intimately confirmed.

The utmost strictness he applies to his various practices makes João Onofre’s production to seem to stir up a certain romantic irony to the beat of the return to the history of art great matters: tension, death, failure, love and, as a universal link, language.

The exhibition introduces the performance Box sized DIE featuring Cannibal Holocaust.

João Onofre presents Once in a Lifetime [Repeat] at Culturgest
© João Onofre. Untitled (zoetrope), 2018-2019, vídeo still. Cortesy Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art.

16 FEB
– 19 MAY 2019

Free entry on sundays


FRI 15 FEB 22:00


FRI 15 FEB 22:30
FRI 17 MAY 22:30 (this day, the exhibition closes at 0:00)


30 MAR 16:00 with Delfim Sardo
27 APR, 18 MAI 16:00 with Ana Gonçalves


11 APR 13:00 with Delfim Sardo
15 MAY 13:00 with Ana Gonçalves

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