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Box sized DIE featuring Holocausto Canibal

João Onofre
© João Onofre. Box sized DIE featuring..., Marlborough Contemporary, London, june 2014.

In 1962 North American artist Tony Smith produced one of the very first minimal sculptures: a 1,83m steel cube entitled Die. The title is a wordplay: the cube’s 6 feet depth is jargon for how deep a grave should be dug. Inspired by this mid-20th century iconic artwork, João Onofre created a sculpture with the same outer features of Smith's work. The interior, however, is a soundproof room equipped to enclose a musical death metal band set. Onofre makes Smith's metaphor literal and adds a performance to the work as he transforms the cube into a container in which the band – Cannibal Holocaust from Porto – is confined, playing until the oxygen runs out. The performance is pushed to the limit and it is up to band members to decide its duration in what becomes a radical parable on the bond between art and life.

The sculpture will be on display throughout João Onofre's Once in a lifetime [repeat] exhibition at Culturgest entrance.


17 MAY 2019
FRI 22:30

Culturgest entry

On this day, the exhibition Once in a lifetime [repeat]  will close at 0:00. 


João Onofre



Holocausto Canibal death metal band

João Onofre presents Once in a Lifetime [Repeat] at Culturgest
João Onofre presents Once in a Lifetime [Repeat] at Culturgest
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