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Mala Voadora

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Mala Voadora

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Who has the right to define what human rights are? There’s no easy answer. Ideas about what is right or wrong in the way people organise and interrelate vary greatly from culture to culture, and the possibility of a communion of values is all the more difficult the more one tries to achieve a “universality”. Choosing a group of people who can define human rights poses a problem of representativeness and, with regard to the representation of minorities, highlights the limits of democracy itself. Furthermore, the limits of what is considered “human” raises doubts, insofar as rights of other entities directly involved in human action should be considered. Mala voadora proposes to go back to the end of the Second World War to revisit the discussions that gave rise to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the United Nations. A group of actors meet in an assembly where they recreate these discussions, as described in the respective minutes and verbatims. Progressively, the interventions of the representatives of different countries will be transformed into music, in search of a redemption for history, in the sounds of words.

© Marco Pavone.

28 SEP 2022
WED 21:00

29 SEP 2022
THU 21:00

30 SEP 2022
FRI 21:00

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Duration approx. 1h45

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, following ACT - Art, Climate, Transition project

ACT Art Climate Transition


Rádio Futura


Jorge Andrade, with assistance of Pedro Moldão

Dramaturgical support

Statt Miller


Ana Isabel Arinto,
Bruno Soares Nogueira, Carla Gomes, Carolina Cunha e Costa, Carolina Ferraz, Céline Camara, David Pereira Bastos, Francisco
Goulão, Jani Zhao, Jerome Varanfrain, Jorge Andrade, Manuel Moreira, Marco Augusto, Maria Ana Filipe, Maria Toscano, Mariana
Magalhães, Pedro Moldão, Sara Belo, Statt Miller, Tomás Barroso.


Batida | Pedro Coquenão

Set design

José Capela, with image edition by António MV.


José Capela


João Fonte, with consulting from Wilma Moutinho

Technical direction

João Fonte

Technical support

Luís Rabaçal


Diogo Cocharro

Project direction

Eva Nunes

Production and communication assistance

Sofia Freitas


Culturgest and Théâtre de Esch - Luxembourg


Research Theatre Commune, Largo School, GrooveOn,_teatromosca_, Vamusica.


Maria Jorge

Mala Voadora is a structure financed by the Government of Portugal–Ministry of Culture/Directorate-General for the Arts and is associated with O Espaço do Tempo

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