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Matthew Herbert & Julius Sartorius

Matthew Herbert & Julius Sartorius

Drum Solo

Matthew Herbert & Julius Sartorius

Drum Solo

For British electronics virtuoso Matthew Herbert there is always a reason, or you make one up. This self-imposed determinism guides him into each new adventure – be it music made from noises of exploding bombs, from a pig's life from birth to slaughter, or from nearly 3,500 people biting into apples. ‘Album In A Day’ is a new series of releases on Herbert’s Accidental label, the sole rule being, it must be recorded and mixed in a single day.

Drum Solo is one such case of case of trusting the process and taking a leap of faith. Julian Sartorius, jazz drummer and percussionist, and one of Europe’s most compelling improvisers, with album releases through Intakt Records or Clean Feed, leads the way, and Herbert responds and uses his rhythms. Their musical dialogue encompasses rarefied frantic techno, an epic drum battle, and introspective moments where they ponder silence. Without a plan, just by being there in real time, they trust what each will give to the other. On stage, they need do no more to have us in rapture.

© Chris Plytas / Hugh Jones.

22 NOV 2023
WED 21:00

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Matthew Herbert


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