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Michael Biberstein

Michael Biberstein

Michael Biberstein

Curator: Delfim Sardo

Michael Biberstein was a Swiss-American artist who lived in Portugal for more than three decades. Having started out as a conceptual artist, who paid close attention to the philosophy of language and logical positivism, until the 1980s his work was concerned with the decay of the processes of painting, as well as the topology of the exhibition space.

This exhibition is the first retrospective to be held of the work that Michael Biberstein produced in Portugal since 1995. Organised in a non-chronological fashion and centred upon the themes that motivated the artist (the language of painting, spatiality and scale, the relationship with landscape as a historical device), it spreads over two galleries, presenting drawings, painting and sculpture. It is the largest exhibition ever devoted to the work of Biberstein, who disappeared prematurely at a particularly intense moment in his creative process.

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19 MAY
– 16 SEP 2018

Free entry on sundays

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