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Paul B. Preciado

The monster speaks

Paul B. Preciado

The monster speaks

In December 2019, Paul B. Preciado spoke before 3,500 psychoanalysts at the École de la Cause Freudienne's annual conference in Paris. Drawing inspiration from a short story by Franz Kafka in which an ape that mastered human speech speaks before a scientific conference, Paul B. Preciado addressed an audience of psychoanalysts as a non-binary trans man, not only to denounce the intrinsic violence inflicted by psychiatry, psychology and psychoanalysis on people considered homosexual, trans, intersex or non-binary, but also to invite psychoanalysis to open up to gender and sexual mutations that are happening in contemporary times. Preciado’s lecture resulted in a monologue as intimate as it is political, aimed not only at psychoanalysts as a community, but also at individuals and their ability to embrace change.

Preciado’s biopolitical spectacle now leaves the book and enters the stage. The text becomes a collective monologue read in five voices, addressed not only to the psychoanalytic community but to each of us and our capacity to embrace change and imagine a new utopia. “There is a historical proximity of people who have been expelled from the public space and who have been pushed into the theatre space,” says Preciado.

For reasons of force majeure, BoCA and Culturgest announce that Paul B. Preciado is unable to come to Lisbon in September to take part in the performance "Can the monster speak?", of which he is the director, author of the text and one of the performers. To replace him on stage, Paul B. Preciado invites actor Alex Silleras.

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17 SEP 2023
SUN 17:00

Sold out
Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium

15€ (descontos)
Duration 2h

In Spanish with subtitles in Portuguese.

Biography Paul B. Preciado

Paul B. Preciado is a philosopher, art curator and filmmaker, internationally known for his work on the politics of the body, gender and sexuality. He was director of the Public Programmes and the Independent Studies Programme at the Museu d'Art Contemporani in Barcelona, curator of the Public Programmes at documenta 14 Kassel and Athens; and curator of the Taiwan Pavilion in Venice, among other institutional roles. He is the author of Countersexual Manifesto; Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era; Pornotopia; An Apartment on Uranus; Can the monster speak? and Dysphoria Mundi, all originally published by Anagrama. His first film, Orlando: my political biography, received critical acclaim and four awards at the Berlinale 2023. Paul B. Preciado was born in Burgos and lives in Paris.


Mais França

Production BoCA - Biennial of Contemporary Arts


Text and direction

Paul B. Preciado


Alex Silleras, Bambi, Víctor Viruta, Andy Díaz, Fabi Hernández

Scenic art collaboration

Tanja Beyeler, Natalia Álvarez Simó

Artistic assistance

Alexandru Stanciu

Technical coordination

Bela Nagy


Elena Martínez - ElenaArtesescenicas, em colaboração com Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque


Conde Duque 

Light design

Paco Ariza, Daniel Checa 


Gabi Belvedere 


Conde Duque Gema Monja 


Luis Luque, Cartola Ferrer, Jessica Velarde, Equipa CCC Conde Duque e Ayuntamiento de Madrid

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