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Nik Colk Void & Maotik

Nik Colk Void & Maotik

Beyond Echoes

Nik Colk Void & Maotik

Beyond Echoes

For the first quarter of 2024, our programme of conferences and debates will bring four moments of conversation to Culturgest with our eyes on the stars: meteors, neutrinos, gravitational waves, black holes, and also the role we have right here on Earth, or the place of our planet in this infinite immensity. Halfway through the orbit of this cycle, we invite everyone to take a trip outside, aboard an audiovisual show by Nik Colk Void and Maotik, offering an artistic interpretation of the vastness of the universe, transforming Culturgest's auditorium into a planetarium on a sidereal journey. Resonates with the perception of time passing and the profound concept of infinity. Acknowledge the delicate balance and interconnectedness in climate solutions.

Nik Colk Void is an electronic music artist and producer with a fundamental solo and collaborative career, or as a member of Factory Floor or Carter Tutti Void.

Maotik is the project of Mathieu Le Sourd, one of today's most prolific visual artists, with works presented in venues and festivals around the world, creating moments where reality and space are altered and manipulated with impactful results.

Nik Colk Void - Electronic Sound Live Sessions
© Emily Bayley / Marc da Cunha Lopes.

23 FEB 2024
FRI 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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