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O Morto / Vitor Joaquim
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Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes addressed the Drumming GP challenge and commission with a score of textures made of acoustic and amplified sound, leading the quintet to join together the vertices of a triangle of electronics, piano and percussion instruments. We wanted to join the game and extend the challenge by conveying to two musicians, who use computers and electronics as tools for electroacoustic work, percussion sounds, performed by Miquel Bernat, João Dias and João Braga Simões. An added rule stipulated that the end result would have to include only sounds taken from the album “Textures & Lines” (Holuzam, 2020) percussion instruments’ tracks. Drawing from an immense and rich sound material, it was no surprise to remark that both Vitor Joaquim and O Morto would use distinctive approaches: the first, used sounds of the marimba, the vibraphone, the glockenspiel, among other random percussions; the second, focused entirely on the marimba. Different roots and methods inevitably ended up giving us very different music: Vitor Joaquim’s “Lines & Lines & Lines” creates a wide environmental landscape full of gritty emotions, while “A Rainbow of Sand” summons a digital tribal dance, ceremonial and hypnotic.

Musician and sound artist from Lisbon, Mestre André has engaged a wide variety of musical activities, including field recordist, composer, and film, dance, performance, theatre and video games sound designer. He works under different aliases, using the name Alacrau for his improvised electronic music; Notwan when producing beats, and O Morto for multi-channel systems in electroacoustic composition. He is also a member of the bands: Alförjs, Jibóia and Banha da Cobra.

Composer, media artist and electronic improviser, Vitor Joaquim graduated in Film Studies in sound and filmmaking, and holds a doctorate in Science and Technology in ​​the field of Computer Science and Music Technology. He composes music for dance, theatre, artistic and multimedia installations produced in Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. He launched 16 albums and has about twenty collaborations on record in compilations and remixes. Over the past 20 years, he has worked as a programmer, adviser and curator for several festivals and other activities. He has also been working as a university teacher and researcher since 1990.


17 NOV 2020
TUE 21:00

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O Morto
"A Rainbow of Sand”
Vitor Joaquim
“Lines & Lines & Lines”


Vitor Joaquim


O Morto

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