Drumming GP, Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes & Pedro Maia

Textures & Lines
© Pedro Sardinha.
© Pedro Sardinha.
© Pedro Sardinha.
© Pedro Sardinha.
© Pedro Sardinha.

In 2014, the pianist Joana Gama and the electronic musician Luís Fernandes joined together to form Quest, initiating a cohesive partnership that has never ceased to surprise us. The two musicians embarked on a series of collaborations, seeking to establish a dialogue with other musicians, bands and doctrines: Harmonies welcomed the participation of Ricardo Jacinto, while At the still point of the turning world included the orchestration of José Alberto Gomes, the interpretation of Orquestra de Guimarães and the expanded production of Lawrence English.

Textures & Lines is the latest chapter in this duo’s musical career. Encouraged by Drumming – Grupo de Percussão, they began a series of collective experiments, brilliantly mixing acoustic and amplified sound, amid a range of other elements produced by instruments and mimicked by electronics, and vice-versa. On the screen – but also off it – Pedro Maia offers us his luminous and vibrant textures and lines, creating a universe that provides a perfect vision of the subtle cosmos inhabited by the music of this new quintet.

19 NOV 2020
THU 21:00

Main Auditorium
14€ (discounts)
Tickets on sale from 1 OCT


Joana Gama


Luís Fernandes



Miquel Bernat, João Tiago Dias, João Miguel Braga Simões


Pedro Maia


Suse Ribeiro

Textures & Lines live at Oporto
Textures & Lines live at Oporto
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