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Tiago Cadete with Leonor Cabral

Outros Modos de ver #1 Kader Attia

Other Ways of Seeing is a performance for museums and galleries designed as a tribute to the English art critic, John Berger. At exhibitions of the visual arts, it is frequent for the visitor’s body to be forgotten about, either due to the way that the works are arranged for viewing or because of the traditions that dictate how we should read and interpret the images that are exhibited to us. But how can we activate our gaze and consequently our body in order to truly have access to an image? In his book Ways of Seeing (1972), Berger teaches us how to observe images in their context, revealing the importance of the various elements that constitute them.

In this performance, the artists suggests to the visitors other ways of looking at the exhibition of Kader Attia. At the end, a manual is handed to the visitors with ten proposals for a “new way of seeing”, which they can put into practice.


05 DEC 2018
WED 10:30, 14:30

06 DEC 2018
THU 10:30, 14:30

07 DEC 2018
FRI 10:30, 14:30

Duration 60 minutes

Age guidance: +6 years

Relaxed Sessions

Sessões Descontraídas

Relaxed Sessions

Sessões destinadas a indivíduos ou famílias que beneficiam de um ambiente mais descontraído num espaço cultural (pessoas com défice de atenção, deficiência intelectual, condições do espectro autista, deficiências sensoriais, sociais ou de comunicação).

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