The work of artists and the logic of (de) professionalisation

Pierre Michel Menger and Izabela Wagner
© Bruno Castro.

There is increasing discussion about the professionalisation of a career in the performing arts, even more so at a time when many artistic proposals are temporarily in abeyance while life itself is not.

At the first conference in the programme The Cost of Art, we will be analysing the subject both from an international perspective and in parallel with the Portuguese context. We will be talking about the specificities of creative work, including the status of intermittence, the precarious situation faced by professionals working in the arts and culture, the construction of artistic careers and the way in which the economic crisis has heightened the tension already existing between art and profession, and therefore the demands of professionalisation as both a cause and a consequence of the situations experienced in the artistic labour market.

Pierre-Michel Menger is a sociologist and lecturer at the Collège de France; Izabela Wagner is a sociologist.

14 OCT 2020
WED 18:30

Small Auditorium
Free entry*
Duration 90 min

*Prior booking available. Free entry (subject to availability), tickets available on the day from 18:00 at the ticket-office.





Vera Borges e Luísa Veloso (Cies, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)

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