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Ricardo Toscano Trio

Chasing Contradictions

Ricardo Toscano Trio

Chasing Contradictions

While the day before we revisited history to celebrate thirty years of Culturgest, now we’ll hear the latest output from Ricardo Toscano, himself celebrating his thirtieth birthday and entering a new decade. Chasing Contradictions, the critically-acclaimed first album from the Ricardo Toscano Trio, was the recipient of several awards at the end of 2022. The absence of the piano brought a new subtlety to the ensemble, and with extra room to breathe, saxophone, bass, and drums communicate differently. The new pieces – along with a rereading of Thelonious Monk’s and a foray into fado – form a cohesive body of work, and prove once more Toscano’s matured musical choices, as audiences at Culturgest have confirmed on various occasions. Chasing Contradictions is for now the most impressive statement of Toscano and his long-time musical associates, who in trio form are an added value to the current jazz scene. 

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12 OCT 2023
THU 21:00

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Ricardo Toscano

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