What does art costs and what is its value?

Rui Pina Coelho, Vera Borges, João dos Santos Martins, Luísa Veloso, Joana Marques and Maria João Brilhante
© Bruno Castro.

Now that we have reached the last chapter in the programme The Cost of Art, we would like to open up a space for discussing the ideas that have arisen in the workshops about the value of art and the cost of artistic work, while, at the same time, proposing some new reflections that may (who knows?) provoke a social transformation.

We have invited Joana Marques and Maria João Brilhante to join with the workshop leaders so that we can arrive at more specific conclusions about what art costs and what its value is.

Joana Marques is a sociologist at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology of the University Institute of Lisbon and has been undertaking research into the precariousness of artistic work, as well as studying artistic collectives in Portugal and Brazil. Currently, under the auspices of the Marie Curie Fellowship Programme, she is undertaking a research study entitled “COLLECTITUDE – The construction of the collective in times of precariousness, precarious work and countermovements” in which artists are one of the segments of the labour market. Maria João Brilhante is a professor and the director of the Master’s Degree and PhD programmes in Theatre Studies, as well as a researcher at the Centre for Theatre Studies at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon and the coordinator of the ARGOS Project, funded by the European Commission’s framework programme Creative Europe, which accompanies processes of theatrical creation in loco in five different countries: Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium and Lebanon.

15 OCT 2020
THU 18:30

Small Auditorium
Free entry*
Duration 90 min

*Prior booking available. Free entry (subject to availability), tickets available on the day from 18:00 at the ticket-office.





Liliana Coutinho

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