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Solo Ensemble

Solo Ensemble

Fernando Mota

Solo Ensemble

Fernando Mota

© Susana Paiva.
© Susana Paiva.

Fernando Mota is a musician, a composer of soundtracks, an inventor of experimental instruments, a creator of sound objects and the author of various shows for children. His compositions are inspired by the music and songs of different cultures, combining these with traditional instruments and with the sounds of nature and our everyday life. Most of his shows share the use of music, theatre, video, visual arts and other artistic areas that result in unique objects and cultural crossovers.

In SOLO ensemble, Fernando Mota revisits some of the original soundtracks that he has composed for theatre, dance and animated films, recovering a handful of experimental instruments built for his creations, most of them made from everyday objects.

In a simple and intimate environment, Mota invites us to accompany him on a journey through the sounds of the world.

SOLO ensemble (teaser)

13 MAR 2019
WED 10:30

14 MAR 2019
THU 10:30

15 MAR 2019
FRI 10:30

Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Single price 3€
Duration 35 min

Age guidance: + 6 years


Fernando Mota


Violeta Mandillo

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