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Lucia Cadotsch

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Commissioner: Pedro Costa

The Lucia Cadotsch trio play jazz standards from Tin Pan Alley or Broadway, making these modern themes instead of museum relics, with certain details becoming guiding threads, as in hip-hop sampling. Their music is deliberately raw: Otis Sandsjö's tenor sax sometimes sounds like a vintage synthesizer and Petter Eldh's double bass like a 1980s drum machine, enveloping Lucia's voice with the sprightliness of free jazz. The group describe what they do as "acoustic retro-futurism", in line with Cadotsch's other projects (LIUN and the Science Fiction Band, Yellow Bird, Lucerne Jazz Orchestra).


05 APR 2018
THU 21:30

Main auditorium
Duration 1 hour

* Jovens até 30 anos e desempregados 5€ 


Lucia Cadotsch

saxofone tenor

Otis Sandsjö 


Petter Eldh

More About Lucia Cadotsch

Remember the name Lucia Cadotsch – you’re going to be hearing a lot of it. Cadotsch is a young, Zurich-born vocalist who possesses a classical clarity, a folk singer’s simplicity, and an appetite for performing very famous songs (Moon River, Don’t Explain, Strange Fruit) in the company of two edgy free-jazz instrumentalists... It’s all eerily beautiful.

John Fordham, The Guardian

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