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Surma's career has shed a special and rare light, translated by the addition of awards and impressive achievements that explain the reach of her music, her ideas, and her personality. Antwerpen was published in 2017, which took her around the world performing more than 250 times in numerous countries, from small clubs to grand open-air festivals. During this extensive tour to perform her debut album, Surma also accumulated numerous side projects; soundtracks, sound design, music for theatre, and dance collaborations with other musicians, showing her energy, but also her generosity and willingness to go further, doing more and, above all, different. So when she thought of a band, it was João Hasselberg and Pedro Melo Alves who she imagined, and when Alla arrived, it was inevitable that this would be her new image for the stage, leaving multiple doors open for friends and guests. It is not therefore strange that for Culturgest, Surma will finish the first series of concerts to present Alla doing it in a special way, thought and designed exclusively for our stage.

Surma - Islet
© Rui Palma.

17 DEC 2022
SAT 19:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Antena 3Rádio Futura

Voice, Keyboards, Electronics


Double bass, Bass

João Hasselberg


Pedro Melo Alves


Selma Uamusse

Técnico de som

Nuno Rancho

Desenho de Luz

Angelica Bismark


Bruno Bogarim 

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