Júlia Ventura

Júlia Ventura


Júlia Ventura


Curator: Bruno Marchand

Júlia Ventura's work constitutes one of the most powerful reflections that the national artistic context has seen on identity issues and the role that contemporary images play in them. The exhibition path that the artist has been developing since the beginning of the 1980s, both indoors and outdoors, confirmed a critical and programmatic consistency that did not make any concessions regarding her objectives and conceptual nature. In this exhibition we will delve into the first years of Júlia Ventura's production, which is precisely the period in which these objectives and conceptual nature were defined. There we will discover, not only the boldness of her initial works, but also the way in which her grammar was consolidated and transformed into the creative engine that continues to produce some of the most compelling proposals on the issues of gender and representation.

© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.
Sem título (FLPB #4), 1977 © Júlia Ventura.

18 MAY
– 29 SEP 2024

Gallery 2
5€ (discounts)
Sunday single price 1€

OPENING (free entrance)
17 MAY 10:00pm-mindnight

SAT 4:00pm

With Ana Nunes
25 MAY

With Júlia Ventura and Pedro Lapa

With Maria Sassetti
29 JUN

With Ana Gonçalves
20 JUL

With Júlia Ventura and Vanda Gorjão
28 SEP

TUE-SUN 11:00am – 6:00pm

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