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Sónia Baptista
© Joana Dilão.
© Joana Dilão.
© Joana Dilão.
© Joana Dilão.
© Joana Dilão.
© Joana Dilão.

I began creating this work from my own sadness, a private and particular matter, trying, through it, to touch the sadness of the world, in general – to touch and run – but I went all around the world only to return to my private sadness, at the end. “The more you run from something, the closer it remains.” I am not only sad, I also completely shake myself up, spinning round and round.
I realised that, in the course of our long investigation, I was joining together fragments, phrases, ideas and searches, all of which pointed to a reflection on the state of the world and on the state of people in relation to the world, and in relation to the Earth, a planet that is increasingly less natural. My roots are ecofeminist, eco-queer, holistic, philosophical, strange, innermost. These roots have unearthed other treasures, very serious ones, frivolous, absurd and vulnerable, in a kind of anatomy of sadness, as a space that generates, as a space of sharing, as a space that generates pain and hope. Hope in what? I don’t know exactly, I have no answers, but, if you were to insist, I would probably say: in love.

Sónia Baptista


17 JAN 2019
THU 21:00

18 JAN 2019
FRI 21:00

19 JAN 2019
SAT 19:00

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Duration 1h45min

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Sónia Baptista, Carolina Campos, Márcia Lança, Joana Levi, Cleo Tavares, Ana Libório, Paula Sá Nogueira, Raquel Melgue, Aya Koretzky, Gabriela Salazar, Daniel Worm, Lara Boticário, Lara Torres, Héloise Marechal, Raw Forest, Sonja, Bleid, Stephanie Spindler, Ana Vidigal, Anne-Sophie Tschiegg, Joana Dilão, Cláudia Duarte, Liliana Coutinho, Patrícia Azevedo da Silva, Maria Sequeira Mendes, Júlia Rocha, Marília Garcia, Angélica Freitas, Carla Diacov, Nina Rizzi, Adelaide Ivánova, Ingrid Carrafa, Virna Teixeira, Francine Jallageas, Júlia de Carvalho Hansen, Rita Isadora Pessoa, Érica Zingano, Aimée Pedezert, Isidro Paiva, Agapi Dimitriadou, Carolina Barreiros

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Alkantara, Gaivotas 6, O Armário – Arte Ilimitada, TAGV, O Espaço do Tempo, Kubik Galeria, Centro Cultural Vila Flor – Candoso, Cão Solteiro, Galeria Monumental, Teatro Sá da Bandeira, FabLab

A tristeza enquanto motor de ação
A tristeza enquanto motor de ação
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