What has Love Got to do with It? Performance, Intimacy, Affectivity

The boundaries between the public and the private sphere are gradually fading away. This sometimes implies a reduction in the active participation of citizens, who are transformed into mere spectators of other lives and intimacies amplified through the media. In turn, the media are creating new spaces for personal and collective expression by making these porous relations between the public and the intimate more visible, with a facility that was previously unimaginable.

Intimacy has become the centre of public performances, with all of its accompanying contradictions and paradoxes. This talk explores the ways in which contemporary performance both questions and reformulates our experiences and definitions of intimacy. How do artistic practices question the boundaries between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the individual and the collective? In what way do the media, the social networks and leading a life that is geared towards a global world affect our understanding of the spaces of intimacy? What are the new places of our affections and emotions?

For two days, artists and researchers will investigate the relationship between performance, intimacy and the affections from both an aesthetic and a political and sociological point of view.

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18 FEB 2019
MON 10:30–18:00

19 FEB 2019
TUE 10:30–18:00

Small Auditorium
Free entry*

* Free entry (subject to availability), tickets available on the day from 10:00am at the ticket-office


Institute of Art History, ICNOVA – Nova Institute of Communication, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of University Nova de Lisboa, CEIS20-UC – Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies from XX century, FLUC 



Teatro da Garagem

Scientific coordination

Bruno Marques, Cláudia Madeira, Fernando Matos Oliveira, Giulia Lamoni, Liliana Coutinho

special guests

Ana Pais, Luís Trindade, Manuel Lisboa, Susana Mendes Silva

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