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Party Montação

Party Montação


Party Montação


A LGBTQIAP+ celebration of the manifestations of queer, black (re)existence in the diaspora. We could describe montação as the art of making something beautiful – original, with a lot of light, shine and movement – out of nothing.

For the underground parking at Culturgest, the Afrontosas Collective prepares an homage to the many ways older and newer Black LGBTQIAP+ movements party.

This collective dream comes from a need to celebrate feelings, cultures, and existence through art. It is a way of resignifying the queer party scene that the collective has always been a part of – from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, with stops in Cape Verde, Guiné, and other afrodiasporic distances.


25 NOV 2023
SAT 23:00–04:00

Garage Culturgest
Free admission

*por ordem de chegada e sujeita à lotação do espaço.

This event features strobes, vertigo-inducing lighting and smoke machines.

Afrontosas Collective

Coletivo Afrontosas is a Cultural Association born from meetings between Black, queer people linked to the world of arts, education and celebration. Its emergence was motivated by the absence of projects reflecting on the importance of queer Blackness in the diaspora in Portugal, in confluence with migratory exchanges from Latin America, Africa and other regions.

The collective aims to be active in five areas: Art and Research; Hospitality and Ancestrality; Consulting and Teaching; Culture and Celebration; and Lifestyle and Fashion Design.

One of Afrontosa’s objectives is to support, promote and publicise artistic and educational production by Black, queer artists, with the aim of creating intersectional spaces for debate and discussion between cultural agents nationally and internationally.

Part of Alkantara Festival

Alkantara Festival
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