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Nadia Beugré

Nadia Beugré

Prophétique (On est déjà né.es)

Nadia Beugré

Prophétique (On est déjà né.es)

Two years ago, Nadia Beugré met with members from the trans community of Abidjan, the city where Beugré was born and raised. Assigned as male when born, they live between genders in a society that – at best – denies their existence. Many work as hairdressers by day, and by night they are club divas who invent dance routines from styles such as voguing or coupé-décalé. They live underground, and they help each other.

Working with members from this community, Beugré developed a choreographic investigation on gender, identity and life on the fringe. It invites you to a hybrid space where the stage becomes a beauty salon, then turns into a dance floor. Nothing is immutable and each movement is an ode to the possibility of being several things at once. In a choreography sometimes intimate, sometimes explosive, Beugré speaks of the female condition, and of solidarity. 

Prophétique (On est déjà né-es) - Teaser
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24 NOV 2023
FRI 21:00

25 NOV 2023
SAT 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Duration 75 min

In French, Portuguese and Nouchi with surtitles in Portuguese for the deaf and hard of hearing and in English.

On 24 November, the performance will be followed by an talk with the cast at room 2 at Culturgest

Bio Nadia Beugré

Nadia Beugré (1981, Abidjan) began her career in a traditional dance company in the Ivory Coast. In 1997, she was one of the founders of the award-winning, all-woman Tché Tché dance company, along with Béatrice Kombé. She studies choreography at Germaine Acogny’s Ecole des Sables in Senegal and at the National Choreography Centre in Montpellier, under Mathilde Monnier. During this time she creates two solos, Un espace Vide: Moi (2008) e Quartiers Libres (2009). Her later group pieces, Legacy (2015), Tapis Rouge (2017) and Roukasskass Club (2018), tour widely and are presented at major events such as Festival d’Automne in Paris and the Holland Festival in Amsterdam. As a performer, she collaborates with Seydou Boro, Alain Buffard, Dorothée Munyaneza, Boris Charmatz, Bernardo Montet, and Faustin Linyekula. She is currently an associate artist at Vooruit in Ghent (until 2021).


Rádio FuturaMais França


Institut Français du PortugalEmbaixada França em Portugal

Part of Alkantara Festival

Alkantara Festival

Original title

Prophétique (On est déjà né·es) 

Artistic direction

Nadia Beugré


Anthony Merlaud

Set design

Jean-Christophe Lanquetin

Artistic assistance

Christian Romain Kossa

External guidance

Nadim Bahsoun, Adonis Nebié


Beyoncé, Canel, Jhaya Caupenne, Taylor Dear, Acauã Shereya El Bandide, Kevin Kero


Libr'Arts / Virginie Dupray


This show is presented with the support of the Institut Français and the MaisFRANÇA project, a season conceived by the Institut Français du Portugal with the support of patrons Claude & Sofia Marion Foundation, JC Decaux, BNP Paribas, Mexto and Credibom.


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With support 

DRAC Occitanie - Ministério Francês da Cultura e Comunicação


Ivoire Marionnettes Abidjan and Institut français of Côte d'Ivoire

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