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Bruno Marchand, Filipa Oliveira and Raquel Ribeiro dos Santos

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When Susan Sontag published Against interpretation in 1966, much had yet to be written about the gesture of participating in the act of enjoyment – from the understanding of contemplation as an evil to be banished from society to the opposition between interpretation and experience. From the understanding of interpretation as a discourse limiting the aesthetic experience to the emancipation of the interpreter as the active author of his/her own interpretive path. We set out to discuss these questions with special guests working daily on this thin line between presentation and interpretation.


11 APR 2018
WED 19:00

16 MAY 2018
WED 19:00

06 JUN 2018
WED 19:00

Room 1
Single Price 6,50€ /session
Duration 2h30m
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