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Diana Anselmo


Diana Anselmo

Self-portrait in 3 Acts is a video-performance made up of three acts, where Diana Anselmo investigates the concept of staring and invites the public to share horizons and imageries for a plurality of bodies, stories, experiences, and identities, through excerpts from the manifesto of Al.Di.Qua. Artists – the first European association led by people with disabilities in the performing arts, of which the artist is a member.

In this piece, the 1st Act explores the meaning of inhabiting a body with disabilities; the 2nd Act focuses on the suffering gaze, reflecting the intrusion of other gazes on bodies; the 3rd Act leads to a reappropriated look, as poetic as it is political, of the sought-after and self-determined desire for one's own corporeality. A look that stops being singular and becomes collective and that can, finally, break the limits of the definitions previously given to bodies with disabilities.

© Carlotta Farina.

14 MAR 2024
THU 18:30

Small Auditorium
Free entry* with pre-registration available**
Duration 50 min.

*upon ticket collection 30 mins before (subject to room capacity)

Pre-registration available up to 24 hours before the event with ticket collection on the same day from 11 am until 30 minutes before the start of the show

In english

With Portuguese Sign Language interpretation

Co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, as part of the Europe Beyond Access II project

União Europeia

Co-presented with

Terra Amarela


Rádio Futura

Performance by and with

Diana Anselmo, Direção de Al.Di.Qua

Video manifesto

Claudio Gaetani

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