Jimmie Durham

Do you say I am lying?
Photo © Bruno Lopes.

Curator: Delfim Sardo

Curator: Delfim Sardo

Jimmie Durham’s (USA, 1940) trajectory combines poetry, political activism and artistic practice with an immense coherence, given new significance to the relationship between politics and poetry.

Do you say I am lying? draws on an earlier one, Brief History of Portugal, displayed in 1995 in Módulo Gallery. This was the first time his work was shown in Portugal and proved to be crucial. 

Inspired by José Saramago’s The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis (which Durham considers to be a reference for himself and the history of the 20th century), the works include quotes from the book that, typed or handwritten, are individually integrated into each piece. A recuperation of a significant moment in Durham’s career and also a bridge to his current work, demonstrating its acute actuality.

In 2019, he won the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 58th Venice Biennale.

This work is part of Reação em Cadeia, an ongoing collaboration between Culturgest and Fidelidade Arte, that asks participating artists to invite the artist that will succeed them in both galleries (Lisbon and Oporto), involving a close adjustment to the venues. 

14 SEP 2019
– 5 JAN 2020

Culturgest Porto
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Fidelidade Arte
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