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Hotel Europa

Eastern Loves

Hotel Europa

Eastern Loves

Eastern Loves (Amores de Leste) travels between Africa, Portugal and Eastern Europe through the stories of people who lived on the other side of the Iron Curtain while they fought for the end of the Portuguese dictatorship and colonialism. What impact did this time spent under Communist regimes in Eastern Europe have on their lives? Some left the party after that experience, others maintained their militancy. Some fell in love and started a family on the other side of the Curtain; other families fell apart when the Eastern Bloc collapsed in 1989. 

Based on testimonies gathered and on the performers’ own personal stories – from Angola, Cape Verde, Czech Republic, Germany, Mozambique and Portugal –, this show questions the relationships between love, family and politics.

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10 FEB 2022
THU 21:00

11 FEB 2022
FRI 21:00

12 FEB 2022
SAT 19:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
14€ (discounts)
Duration 90 min

Show mainly spoken in Portuguese with some parts in German, Czech, Changana and Russian (subtitled in Portuguese)

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Hotel Europa é uma companhia de teatro que, através de um olhar documental, explora as fronteiras entre o teatro, a dança e a performance. A componente documental é expressa comumente pela recolha de testemunhos, de narrativas familiares, de pesquisa historiográfica e de material autobiográfico. A companhia criada por André Amálio e Tereza Havlíčková já apresentou trabalho em Portugal, Brasil, França, Alemanha, Espanha, República Checa e Eslovénia. As temáticas são principalmente direcionadas para o passado ligado ao fascismo e colonialismo, assim como, no que diz respeito à atualidade, para os temas da migração, do ambiente e da gentrificação. A companhia já apresentou em 2019, na Culturgest, o teatro performance O fim do colonialismo português e, também no mesmo ano, Os filhos do colonialismo português.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme project Create to Connect, Create to Impact

Create do Connect

Apoio à Divulgação

Antena 2Antena 3


Rádio Futura

Created by

André Amálio and Tereza Havlíčková


André Amálio, Andreia Galvão, Beatrice Cordier, Jorge Cabral, Mbalango, Tereza Havlíčková

Assistant director

Cheila Lima

Set designer

Ana Paula Rocha

Set designer assistant

Aurora dos Campos

Lighting Designer and Technical Director

Joaquim Madaíl


Marta Salazar

A co-production between Culturgest Lisbon, Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) and Euro-scene Leipzig


O Espaço do Tempo, Armazém 22, Euro-scene Leipzig, Passages Transfestival – Metz, Zero Point Festival (Czech Republic) and Schloss Bröllin

Project funded by the Portuguese Fund for the Promotion of Culture – Internationalization of the Portuguese Republic – Ministry of Culture / DGArtes

Hotel Europa theatre company is funded by DGArtes

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