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Are you a Deaf and/or disabled artist based in Europe with a passion for dance, choreography, or movement? Do you have experience of leading an artistic process? Europe Beyond Access invites you to apply for co-production support to bring your artistic vision to life! Applications are now open for European Deaf and/or disabled artists who are seeking co-producers for new artistic works based in dance practice, choreography or movement. 

This Open Call is issued by Europe Beyond Access, a consortium of ten leading European dance and performing arts organisations, of which Culturgest is part of. Europe Beyond Access supports disabled and/or Deaf artists to break the glass ceilings of the contemporary performing arts sector and to become Europe's next artistic leaders. We want to support artists to make more ambitious and innovative work. 

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EBA Open Call Co-production Webinar
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18 MAR
– 19 MAY 2024

Application form
Applications until 19th May through this link


We offer co-production support of between €15,000 and €40,000 for each project. We offer opportunity for public presentation at two or more of our partners’ venues, companies or festivals. 


The deadline for First Stage applications is the 19th May 2024. Following this deadline shortlisted projects will enter into a period of idea development and discussion with the EBA partners. Then the applicants will submit a more detailed application in September 2024. A minimum of three new artistic productions or projects will be supported.



If you self-define as Deaf or disabled, you are eligible to apply. EBA Co-productions must be led by one or more Deaf and/or disabled artist. Or, the productions may be led by collectives that include disabled artists in equal positions of leadership. The application itself must be made by the Deaf and/or disabled lead artist or artists, or those working collaboratively. The lead Artist(s) must have previous experience of making work, in either local, national or international contexts. Proposals can come from independent artists with or without a producer or production support or proposals can come from artists working with established companies. We are open to receiving project proposals which have already, or will have, other co-producers or support from other funds. We will ask you about this in the application process. Artists must be resident in one of the countries of the European Union, or in any of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, United Kingdom and Ukraine. 


1) We want to support artists to make more ambitious and innovative work. This could be a first international production and/or a project that includes more collaborators, for example. However, proposals should be achievable and be a logical next step in your practice or career. 
2) We are looking for new works that can be presented at two or more of our Partners’ venues or festivals. We are flexible on how the works can be presented but they must be transferrable and flexible to be shown in different locations. 
3) We are looking for new ideas and projects that are led artistically by Deaf and/or disabled artists. We are looking for projects that are based in dance practice, choreography or movement or that utilises different disciplines that explore body and motion. 
4) We are looking for projects that are presented on stage or in an alternative format (for example film, installation, or site-specific work). 
5) We are looking for work of the highest artistic quality. Submitted ideas and projects can be at various stages of development, but must not yet be in production. 

There are two separate documents to give you more information: the Open Call itself, and the Co-Production Application Guide. 
Applications need to be submitted via the dedicated Application platform. You can apply in writing, audio via recording or in Sign Language via video.
More information about the Co-Productions and how to apply can be found on the website


I am an independent artist who makes solo work, and I don’t have a producer or production support? Can I still apply? 

Yes. If you lack a permanent producer or production support, you can still apply. You will need to include costs for hiring a producer and production support in your estimated budget. EBA Co-productions provides a financial contribution, but we will not be the producers for your work. We may be able to help with other support such as rehearsal space. This may be discussed during the second step of application.  


I am a dancer in a company, and I’ve never made work before as lead artist, but I want to apply, am I eligible? 

No. The EBA Co-productions are more suited to artists who have experience of making work, in a local, national or international context. The EBA Lab Cycles or Residencies might be more suitable for this point in your career.  


I have more than one idea. Can I make more than one application? 

No. We expect a high number of applications for the Co-Productions, and so we limit the Expressions of Interest to only one per artist / company.  


What things should I plan for in my project? What should I include as the total project cost? 

In the Expression of Interest, you should make an estimated budget of the total income and expenditure associated with the production period and performances. At this stage, it does not need to be exact or an exhaustive list. It is just to give us an indication of the scale and feasibility of your project and help us consider and match the resources and interests of the potential partners with your project.  

If your application is shortlisted and you reach Step 2, your production budget will be looked at in more detail with you. You will need to include this in the final application.  

As co-producers, the relevant partners will need to have the work presented in their venues, festivals or programmes.  They will pay a separate fee for this, but the fee will be negotiated during Step 2, as it must be affordable to the presenters.

The partners have separate travel and accommodation budgets for your presentation at their venues and festivals.

Please be aware that an EBA Co-production does not guarantee further presentation possibilities beyond the initial presentations.  


I already have co-producers and some funding from my national funder, am I eligible to apply?  

Yes. In the Expression of Interest, please include support already secured and any conditions that are attached. You can use this as a contribution to a project that has other co-producers and other funding.  


I will need more funding to realise my project, but I have not made an application yet to my national funder. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. In the Expression of Interest, you must tell us that you will be applying for additional funds. You should tell us if you have previously been funded by the national funder – as this helps us judge how likely it is that you will be successful.


I want to collaborate with other artists, how do I pay for their fees?  

The fees of all artists you will work with should be included in your total budget.  Your budget should assume fair and legal pay in your local context. You must also pay yourself fairly. You will also need to pay any taxes due to the artists you work with from the budget. At the next stage of application, you will need to show how you have calculated fees for the participating artists. 


My collaborators and I have additional access requirements, how do I pay for these? 

Your total budget should include Access Costs needed by the team in the development and creation of your work. For example, if you need sign language interpreters during your rehearsal and touring period, you should include these costs in the total. 


If my application isn’t successful, will you give me feedback? 

We expect a high number of Expressions of Interest (Step 1). It is unlikely that we will be able to offer any individual feedback for projects that are not shortlisted.  However, we may be able to gather general context feedback that will be shared with all applicants of the first step.  

If you are shortlisted for Step 2 but not selected for a co-production, we will give you individual feedback. We can also provide advice on alternative ways to fund your project. 


What do I do if I have a question not answered here?

You can submit questions in two ways. Questions must be submitted before 4 April 2024.

Here you can ask your question live or in the chat.

We will try to answer questions immediately, but we may have to go away and consider your question.      

For questions submitted by email, and for more complex questions from the Webinar, we will take time to consider these. We will publish answers to all the questions on the EBA website on 15 April.  


Europe Beyond Access is the biggest trans-national project in the world supporting disabled and/or Deaf artists to break the glass ceilings of contemporary dance and theatre and to become Europe's next artistic leaders.

EBA is run by a group of ten European dance and performing arts organisations.  

  • Skånes Dansteater (Sweden)
  • Holland Dance Festival (Netherlands)
  • Onassis Stegi (Greece)
  • Oriente Occidente (Italy)
  • Kampnagel - Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste (Germany)
  • CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (Norway)  
  • Centrum Kultury ZAMEK (Poland)
  • Project Arts Centre (Ireland) 
  • Mercat de les Flors (Spain)
  • Culturgest - Fundação CGD (Portugal)

You can find out more about the project and the partners by visiting


Co-financiado União EuropeiaEuropean Beyond Access

Europe Beyond Access is managed by 10 European cultural organisations: Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), Holland Dance Festival (Netherlands), Onassis Stegi, Oriente Occidente (Italy), Kampnagel - Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste (Germany), CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (Norway), Centrum Kultury ZAMEK w Poznaniu (Poland), Project Arts Centre, Mercat de les Flors, Culturgest - Fundação CGD (Portugal). We are joined by Associate Partner British Council (UK).

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