Everything passes, except the past

The Goethe-Institut presents Everything passes, except the past, a European programme about the colonial legacy in the public space, museums and archives of various European countries. Artists and researchers are meeting in Brussels, Lisbon, Bordeaux and Barcelona to discuss discursive and artistic approaches to the decolonisation of post-colonial thought.

In Lisbon, the debate is centred on possible artistic approaches to post-colonial film archives and the inherent ethical and political questions. Culturgest presents a week-long programme, with a cycle of films and debates and a round-table discussion open to the general public, looking at the central themes in greater depth.



Round Table
24 SET TUE 18:30

Reimagine the post-colonial archive
25 SET WED 21:30
26 SET THU 21:30
27 SET FRI 18:30

24–27 SEP 2019

Small Auditorium

In english and portuguese




Goethe Institut

participants PORTUGAL

Susanne Sporrer

Corinna Lawrenz

Julia Klein

Teresa Althen

participants Belgium

Cristina Nord

Jana Haeckel



Cinemateca Portuguesa

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