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Inspired in A Love Supreme

Ricardo Toscano
© Vera Marmelo.

Besides the reconstruction of A Love Supreme in a concert hall, played by a septet, conducted by Ricardo Toscano, a series of reflections are made about one of the most inspiring canons of twentieth-century jazz. In order to do this, Toscano returns to each of the four themes to engage in a more intimate, direct and emotive dialogue between his saxophone and the different individual sections of his ensemble: piano, double-bass and percussion. The aim is to amplify the essence and vitality of Coltrane’s work, leading us along this path through the primordial energy of each of the four parts that comprise A Love Supreme. These four new interpretations will be broadcast in video form solely on Culturgest’s online platforms.


15 DEC 2020
TUE 21:00

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Ricardo Toscano
Ricardo Toscano
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