Ricardo Toscano

A Love Supreme
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We celebrate John Coltrane’s 1965 masterpiece, A Love Supreme, at Culturgest, shortly after hosting the performance by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis based on the same album. We quote and reinterpret its sacred writings, putting all of its teachings into practice. This is its true power: an invisible force that forces us to return ceaselessly to the music, as if it were being revealed to us on each occasion that we return to visit it.

We also invited Ricardo Toscano to return to A Love Supreme, a work that his quartet knows so well, both in theory and practice. Toscano traces a path to new ideas and explorations, opening up his congregation to the admission of new members, so that we can once again draw closer to one of the most fundamental pieces of jazz, music and art from the twentieth century.

18 DEC 2020
FRI 21:00

Main Auditorium
14€ (discounts)
Tickets on sale from 1 OCT


Antena 2


Ricardo Toscano Francisco Andrade


João Almeida


João Pedro Coelho


Romeu Tristão


João Lopes Pereira, Luís Candeias

A Love Supreme, John Coltrane
A Love Supreme, John Coltrane
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