Jogo Cruzado #5

Jogo Cruzado #5

Um Encontro Entre Música e Imagem

Jogo Cruzado #5

Um Encontro Entre Música e Imagem

Culturgest, Canal180, and gnration have joined forces to create Jogo Cruzado, a discipline invented to get to a place by merging two different art forms. The process is made in two ways: a short film by a visual artist was given to a musician to compose its soundtrack and, at the same time, a musical composition was given to a filmmaker to create its film.
We want to show how narratives influence others, how sounds and images are combined, how artists continue the creative flow of other artists in a collaboration made in two times, in total belief for the final result. Along the way, we are confronted with a cross artistic game that challenges us to find our place as spectators within the process itself. What comes first, how do we separate images and sounds, which narrative prevails, how do we dive into the dramaturgy that magically joins the other two, is there really a first and second stage?

#1 Film by Luís Sobreiro for a musical composition by Coby Sey
#2 Soundtrack by Mariana Dionisio & Leonor Arnaut for a film by Felipe Rios Fuentes

These contents will be available in the online platforms of Culturgest, gnration and Canal180.

© DR.

26 JUN 2024
WED 21:00


Jogo Cruzado #5 - Biographies

Luís Sobreiro

Luís Sobreiro is a director, director of photography, creative and programmer. He started at Canal180, studied at ESCAC in Barcelona, co-founded Concertos que Nunca Existiram festival, Língua Franca project and the chameleonic collective Ovo Estrelado.

He premiered and screened films at festivals such as Curtas Vila do Conde (where he won best music video 2021), IndieLisboa and Porto/Post/Doc.

He has collaborated on several projects by the artist Jonathan Uliel Saldanha and on projects by music publishers Lovers & Lollypops and Nyege Nyege.


Coby Sey

Coby Sey is a songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, who, after years spent buzzing around the DIY artist circuitry of South East London, has developed a distinctive presence as an artist and performer.

Coby’s recorded work spans the realms of live instrumentation, sample-based productions and experimental music, fusingrecognisable sounds of hip-hop, noise, jazz and grime into a dubbed-out anaesthesia. On stage, the compositions are accompanied by a band, which can include Alpha Maid, Ben Vince, Charlie Hope, CJ Calderwood and Momoko‘MettaShiba’ Gill.

Coby’s open-door approach to sharing and making music is evident in his long-term collaborations with Mica Levi and Tirzah, as well as with Speakers Corner Quartet, Klein, TYSON, Laurel Halo and more. He is also a founding member of London’s CURL collective (with Mica and Brother May), and hosts a monthly radio show on NTS since 2015, offering a peek into his appealingly murky musical world.

Coby’s long awaited debut album ‘Conduit’ was released in September 2022  through AD 93.


Mariana Dionísio

Mariana Dionísio is a singer, improviser and composer who has questioned the role of the voice in musical tradition and explored its technical, timbral and poetic potential as a sound expression of the word. Classically trained in piano at the National Conservatory of Lisbon, and a degree in voice Jazz from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Mariana is mainly part of the jazz, experimental and contemporary scene.

Among several projects she currently carries out, she maintains a series of other duo collaborations such as LUMP with trumpeter João Almeida, TRACAPANGÃ with drummer João Pereira, or duo with flutist Clara Saleiro. She directs the LEIDA vocal ensemble for which she composes and develops her solo vocal work.


Leonor Arnaut

Leonor Arnaut is a singer and creator in different musical contexts. Based in Lisbon, she explores her voice in songs and improvisations, often accompanied by electronics or percussion. After graduating in jazz, she dedicated her time to improvised music, where she had the opportunity to cross the vocal space with other areas of creation.

Currently, she tries to be flexible in the use of her voice, being interested in different sounds and aesthetics. Collaborates with artists and projects from different backgrounds, including Chão Maior (“Drawing Circles”, 2020), Fumo Ninja (“Olhos de Cetim”, 2021), Ricardo Martins (“Breathing Waterline”, 2022), vocal ensemble Leida and Sallim.


Felipe Ríos Fuentes

Felipe Ríos Fuentes [CL] studied at the Escuela de Cine in Chile and almost immediately started directing short films and working on visual arts. In 2018, he premiered his documentary series ”Gabinete” about Chilean contemporary art. In 2019 he launched his first full-length fiction movie “El Hombre del Futuro” at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and also, he premiered the video “The Emancipating Opera” along with the artist Voluspa Jarpa at the Venice Biennale.

Currently, he is working on the post-production of his first documentary film “Rummage in the Ruins.”

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