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Where music meets image


Where music meets image

Culturgest, Canal180, and gnration have joined forces to create Jogo Cruzado, a discipline invented to get to a place by merging two different art forms. The process is made in two ways: a short film by a visual artist was given to a musician to compose its soundtrack and, at the same time, a musical composition was given to a filmmaker to create its film.
We want to show how narratives influence others, how sounds and images are combined, how artists continue the creative flow of other artists in a collaboration made in two times, in total belief for the final result. Along the way, we are confronted with a cross artistic game that challenges us to find our place as spectators within the process itself. What comes first, how do we separate images and sounds, which narrative prevails, how do we dive into the dramaturgy that magically joins the other two, is there really a first and second stage?

#1 Film by Reuben Bastienne-Lewis for a musical composition by Julia Reidy
#2 Soundtrack by Oliver Coates for a film by Wieslawa Ruta

These contents will be available in the online platforms of Culturgest, gnration and Canal180.

Jogo Cruzado #4 - Reuben Bastienne-Lewis x Julia Reidy + Oliver Coates x Wieslawa Ruta
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07 NOV 2023
TUE 21:00

Ver online 7 NOV

Jogo Cruzado 4 - Biographies

Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates is a cellist, a composer for film and an electronic music producer. Oliver releases music on RVNG Intl, exploring improvisation, dark ambient music, and intimate melodic cello with distortion and tape modulation. His most recent solo record for RVNG is skins n slime (2020). He has toured as an opening act for Thom Yorke across Europe and the US, and has opened for Radiohead at Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester.

He writes and records music for film and TV, including the scores for 2022 Cannes selections The Stranger (Official Selection) and Aftersun (Critics Week). He is working with Steve McQueen on his next film Occupied City and recently completed the movie Significant Other for Paramount Plus. Oliver moves continuously between the roles of composer, performer, experimental musician and record producer. He performed a headline set at the 2019 Manchester International Festival curated by David Lynch.

A wide scope in his interpretation of classical and contemporary notated music brought him to prominence in the 2000s and he has been a principal cellist for Aurora Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Britten Sinfonia and London Contemporary Orchestra. Away from public concert life he has developed a language in electronic music through sequencing various forms of dance and ambient music.

He has collaborated with Mica Levi, Arca, Dean Blunt, Jonny Greenwood and Malibu on live and recorded projects, including the lauded LP Remain Calm (Slip) with Levi and Dior’s 2022 Cruise catwalk presentation with Arca, staged at the Athens Panathenaic Stadium. He has also worked with Lawrence Lek and Marianna Simnett on video art projects. He conducted an orchestra performing his own electronic music for Karl Lagerfeld’s homecoming fashion show for Chanel in 2017 at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.

He has curated two editions of DEEP∞MINIMALISM at Southbank Centre in London, where he has also been an artist in residence, featuring the music of Éliane Radigue, Liz Harris, Pauline Oliveros, Hanne Darboven, Morton Feldman, Daphne Oram and Malibu. His full-length work for strings and pre-recorded sound, Shorelines, based on the North Sea Flood of 1953, commissioned by Cryptic, won a BASCA award for Best Stage Work 2018. His scores for films by Lawrence Lek have been awarded the Converse x Dazed Emerging Art Award 2015 (for Unreal Estate) and the 2016 Vordemburge-Gildewart Artist Prize (for QE3, a Glasgow International commission). He received the Royal Philharmonic Society Breakthrough Award for Young Artist 2011.


Wiesława Rut

Wiesława Ruta, visual artist based in Poland. Strongly associated with the Polish independentmusic scene, hence her natural creative path as a visual artist is creating music videos for bandsfrom Poland such as: Dynasonic, Lotto, and foreign such as Squid, Soe Birch. Interested inexperimenting with dierent lm techniques and looking for common areas of lm and musiclanguage. Interested in creative process itself, during creating tries to open the way to chanceand error to get the results completely unpredictable by her. Her research in the eld of lmlanguage is especially inspired by the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, especially thesearch for absolute lm in Weimar Republic. Present at many festivals incl. ShortWaves, Etiuda&Anima, Stuttgart International Festival ofAnimated Film (ITFS), Punto y Raya Festival, Linoleum Festival, Animateka, PIAFF Paris AnimatedFilm Festival. In 2020, her lm Seventh pressings won the Second Prize at the O!PLA PolishAnimated Film Festival in the Formanimy Category. In 2021 her lm Broadcaster made to themusic of Squid Band took the Main Award in the Music Video Category at Paris International Animation Film Festival. In 2023 her lm Observatory made to the music of Soe Birch got Special Mention in Music Category at Paris International Animation Film Festival and First Award in Formanimy category at O!PLA Polish Animated Film Festival.

Reuben Bastienne-Lewis

Born in 1995, Reuben grew up in South London with his Mother (Sara Leigh Lewis) who is a portrait photographer, this meant he was never very far from a camera. Around 2011 Reuben got a camera of his own and began photographing his peers; going to gigs, festivals and parties, hanging out at the local skatepark and doing graffiti. He started doing commissioned portraits for local musicians and began to get his work published. He went to the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014 to study Fine Art Photography and further his practice. Bastienne-Lewis still lives currently in South London not far from where he grew up working as a photographer and videographer, working mostly in music, making portraits, music videos and short films.

Julia Reidy

Julia Reidy makes music for processed and acoustic instruments (mostly guitars). Their recentwork can be described as a series of non-traditional song forms which combine unstableharmonic territories, rhythmic elasticity and abstract narrative over stretched and episodicforms. Their recent records includeIn Real Life(Black Truffle, 2019),Vanish (Editions Mego,2020) and World in World (Black Truffle, 2022), Their newest solo record Trancesis set to bereleased via Shelter Press in October 2023.

Notable performances in the last couple of years include Tectonics Festival (Athens, Greece),Send/Receive Festival (Winnipeg, Canada), Berlin Jazz Festival (Berlin, Germany) and Angelica Festival (Bologna, Italy). For 2023, Rewire Festival (Den Haag, NL), Stanser Musiktage (Stans,CH) End of the Road Festival (UK), as well as shows at Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg) and Jazz emAgosto Festival (Lisbon, PT) have been confirmed.

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