Two Faces Have I

Two Faces Have I

Territory #5

Two Faces Have I

Territory #5

Curator: Ampersand

‘I had aspired to be a painter… But somewhere around the time I entered art school, it became somewhat apparent that was not going to happen. I liked narrative in art, "B" movies, the hidden genius of bad art, and low budget films... [Two Faces Have I] probably came from that intuitive corner of my painter's soul. The few times I have seen it, I don't believe I could have known that something in it transcended my smart-ass young self who made it. It has all the animistic sadness of whatever we try to do, work hard at, and retire from.’
– Inga, 2023, on the work of Chris Langdon 

Ampersand – a program looking at artistic enterprise, including but not limited to exhibitions – gather works by Jana Euler, Sylvie Fanchon and Pati Hill to orbit films by Chris Langdon, ‘the most important unknown filmmaker in the history of the Los Angeles avant-garde’. Borrowed from Langdon’s 1973 film, the show’s title could also refer to its two iterations (Lisbon/Porto), the multiple lives of its protagonists, or the transformative gesture through which something might become something else, in either of these artist’s hands.

From the collection “Women and Vacuum Cleaners”, Pati Hill, © [c. 1960s-2000s], Arcadia University Archives, all rights reserved..

– 8 SEP 2024

Culturgest Porto
Free admission

OPENING (free entrance)
7 JUN 10:00pm-midnight



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