Vera Mantero

The Clean and the Dirty
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“In reality, life isn’t a clean thing. Recognising this would go halfway towards making it less dirty, or, in other words, towards the possibility of making ourselves happier.”

Ana Cristina Leonardo

Vera Mantero’s work flits between two necessities: questioning subjectivity and interacting with the outside world (of which human beings are an integral part). The Clean and the Dirty focuses on the umbilical relationship between these two practices, and debates the sustainability of the human presence on the planet. While ecological discourse claims we need to change our way of life and our relationship with the environment, Mantero sees a parallel with artistic practices, particularly in the performing arts: “The body plays a significant part in these questions (...) it is the place that enables us to activate our senses and thought, intensifying our relationship with everything around us. All this has to do with energy, movement, intensity and desire, and that is what gives meaning to life.”

29 NOV 2019
FRI 21:00

30 NOV 2019
SAT 19:00

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Main Auditorium
14€ (discounts)
Duration 60 min

Dress rehearsal opened to schools on 28 NOV WED 11:00

Reservations: (+351) 21 761 90 78

Direção artística

Vera Mantero


Elizabete Francisca, Vera Mantero, Volmir Cordeiro


Elizabete Francisca, Francisco Rolo, Vera Mantero

original music

João Bento

scenography, costume design

João Ferro Martins

light design

Eduardo Abdala


O Rumo do Fumo


Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal do Porto, CND — centre d’art pour la danse, Musée de la Danse — Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne

Special thanks

Carolina Campos, Vítor Roriz

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