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The last few days have been odd for all of us. Culturgest is closed and everything went silent. As of last week we have been working from home. We are set on creating a way to stay close, and we came up with a suggestion: over the next few weeks we will see more of the future by going through the past, we will incite new conversations, watch shows, listen to conferences, revisit exhibitions.

It all begins with the transmission of 100% Lisbon, Culturgest’s most watched performance to date, as a celebration of the World Theatre Day. This Rimini Protokoll project takes the city’s official statistics and gives them a human face, placing on the stage one hundred of its inhabitants. They represent the entire population of the city, divided into categories such as gender, age, nationality, family unit and area of residence. Each one of them speaks for him or herself: about their lives, their opinions, their joys and their sorrows. Watch online from Friday, March 27 at 9 pm.

The following week, on April 2 at 3 pm, we will present Daniel Christian Wahl's live streaming conference on how to redesign the human impact on Earth. Wahl's stance, as a biologist and sustainable development expert, is that even before the new coronavirus pandemic capitalism no longer worked for the majority of the world’s populations. He maintains that the menace we are enduring confirms how fragile the international trade currently is and asserts the need to return to a regenerative and collaborative economy, one that is local, and close to regions and people. Would a new paradigm enable us to become more resistant to the test that the recent Coronavirus ordeal presents to global economy?

And why not go back to Steve Paxton? One of the most important names in postmodern and contemporary dance who has spent the past six decades thinking and writing about the movement. We remind you of the cycle we dedicated to this American dancer, choreographer and scholar about a year ago and the conference he gave at Culturgest. Let us remember the emotion of contact on April 9 at 3 pm.

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27 MAR, FRI 21:00

100% Lisboa


2 APR, THU 15:00

conferência Daniel Christian Wahl


9 APR, THU 15:00

conferência Steve Paxton

27 MAR
– 9 APR 2020

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Uma casa cheia de mundo
Uma casa cheia de mundo
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