Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out

Once again, as the season draws to an end and summer begins, Culturgest goes out in the street to try out different performing spaces. For ten days, theatre and dance, a music show, and a sound installation will take up different spots around the main building. All activities are for general audiences and admittance is free.

Program available soon. 

Theatre X


Manifestos For After the End of the World

Manifestos para Depois do Fim do Mundo takes inspiration from the curatorial work of Hans Ulrich Obrist. Seven actors perform manifestos written during the new millennium. The show takes place along different spaces in and outside the main building. Favouring intimacy, each manifesto is performed for a limited audience at a time, when tradition would have it read in loud tones from a platform. The show was born from a desire to spread considerate words that speak of our times. Some hopeful, some denouncing, they are words from the world, and from everyday life.

Dance X

PACAP Forum Dança

New projects

An initiative of Forum Dança, the Performing Arts Advanced Programme (PACAP) offers training and the opportunity to experiment and create in an international context. Curated by Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, the sixth edition brings PACAP back to Culturgest after the memorable Zona Temporária residency in 2019. Approaching public space as a preferred meeting spot, individual projects developed in the program will be showcased at Inside Out.

Music X


Taking a look at Marc Ribot’s resume we come across an astonishing list of names including Tom Waits, David Sylvian, Caetano Veloso, Marianne Faithfull, Sierra Maestra, Lounge Lizards, and our very own Dead Combo. With his musical stamp in projects spanning half the globe, the American guitarist is also a full member of the New York vibrant vanguard scene that long ago began overturning the rules in the jazz and rock genres. Ribot inhabits the gap between those two styles, with punk music added at the end of the seventies. Electrifying and restless, he combines jazz improvisation with the untamed energy of rock music. His irreverence found the perfect outlet in Ceramic Dog, his project of fifteen years with Ches Smith and Shahzad Ismaily. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, a ferocious trio eager to show their dissatisfaction with our state of affairs. Five years after the critically acclaimed YRU Still Here? once again Ribot heard the urgent call of the world, and wrote new manifestos so we could go out on the street, listen to his music for free, and echo his rage.

Visual Arts X


Wallenda na Arcada 

Whistling is for the absent-minded what doodling is for the bored: we do either barely taking notice, and both are consciousness slowed down to idleness. In ’97 João Penalva turned that around when he elected whistling as his instrument of choice for an undertaking that required full attention and total commitment: whistling Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring in its entirety. Running over the thirty-minute mark, the piece is famed for an impetuous rhythm and its melodic and harmonic complexities. Penalva challenged himself to an exercise in high performance on a par with his professional career in contemporary dance during the seventies. Combining epic feat and subtle experiment, halfway between collective memory activated and radical example of a performer’s abnegation, the performance can be heard during Inside Out along the south arcade of the main building.

© Joana Linda.

24 JUN
– 9 JUL 2023

Multiple spaces
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